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We are the sports industry’s global solution for live in-game virtual advertising

Supponor provides commercially and technically proven solutions that deliver virtually enhanced advertising spaces in live sports broadcast.  We do this by respectfully and authentically overlaying physical TV visible signage – such as dynamic perimeter LED boards or static billboards; by placing new or additional virtual assets in and around the field of play; or by delivering a combination of both.


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Virtual  Placements

Through Supponor’s cutting edge virtual placement technology, non-existing advertising spaces are enabled for the TV broadcast coverage of a sporting event, without the need for surfaces and cameras to be modified, or for physical advertising to exist. This is a pure TV-only solution.

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Virtual Perimeter Overlay

Supponor’s proprietary and award winning technology uses AI, machine learning and computer vision technologies to highly accurately overlay LED or static perimeter boards with virtual, dynamic messaging within live TV broadcasts, allowing for rights holders to engage with local audiences in a targeted and personalized manner.

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