Why Virtual Advertising?

Virtual Advertising is transforming the value of advertising in live sports and entertainment broadcasting

Why Virtual Advertising?

Making Virtual Advertising,  a Reality

Virtual Advertising uses advanced digital technology to enable the delivery of enhanced marketing or institutional messages during live sports and entertainment broadcasts on TV, online or social platforms.

Physical advertising spaces within the event can be replaced by geo-localized content on an unlimited number of video feeds, which are produced in real-time, and can be tailored for local audiences to deliver increased brand activation value and generate more relevant and engaging user experiences during live events.

NHL All Star 2020  Reality 

Benefits of Virtual Advertising

Disrupting the value of the live TV broadcast of sport & entertainment

The Supponor virtual content platform is the sports industry’s market leading end-to-end solution for creating additional, targeted, in-game live virtual content and advertising.

It provides both Digital Billboard Replacement (DBRLive) of physical advertising spaces, such as digital billboards, in sports events, as well as the placement of additional Natural Scene Augmentation (NSA) sites in and around the field of play. It does this in a manner which is sympathetic to the television audience, naturally blending into the event without distracting from the action on screen.

Supponor DFL Showreel 2020  Reality 

The Value

The value of Virtual Advertising to ...

Supponor’s virtual advertising technology allows for rights holders to increase their commercial revenues by monetizing their virtually enabled advertising inventory. Whereas in the past these rights owners were tied to monetizing only the physical advertising space available during live events, the virtually enhanced inventory allows for the commercial opportunities to reach beyond the scope of the physical available assets.

By targeting specific local audiences through customized and geo-localized messaging, brands are able to direct audience-specific marketing campaigns through virtually enhanced advertising spaces. As opposed to the traditional way of investing in local TV advertising outside of the live broadcast, the virtual advertising technology now allows for brands to reach their local target audience during live event broadcasting.

While broadcasters typically acquire the audiovisual rights for the live distribution of content on a regional basis, Supponor’s technology enables the broadcaster to further tailor the content offering to the local audiences, therefore increasing value. The content distribution can even be ‘inter-regionalized’ by enabling multiple feeds per broadcaster, allowing for distribution per region, country or state.