Since the early 2000’s, technology and industry pioneer, Supponor has been dedicated to building a complete virtual advertising technology platform and developing this exciting new market. During this time Supponor has become established as the benchmark by which all other virtual solutions measure themselves.  It’s not just talk, week in week out, Supponor delivers authentic, trusted and reliable virtual advertising solutions, including the premium overlay of high impact TV visible LED perimeter boards, and have successfully completed over 500 global events for some of the largest sporting federations on the planet.

Having excelled in this extremely challenging outdoor environment in top tier European football (soccer), and the high-paced indoor sports of Hockey and Basketball, Supponor have developed a range of powerful applications to the equally powerful sport of rugby.

Supponor offers the widest range of virtual placement and replacement, virtual paint and virtual seat kill technology available in the market, with applications specifically developed for rugby and able to support multiple areas in and around the ground delivered from one, two, three of more camera positions, all from one powerful virtual advertising platform.

With flexible virtual paint media rights owners can apply high impact brand or institutional messages to areas of the rugby pitch, without damaging natural or artificial surfaces, leaving ‘ghosting’ or impacting the game; virtual placement and overlay or ‘replacement’ applications are perfect for augmenting LED perimeter boards along the touchline; and large virtual seat kills or stadium banners can be placed on the seating decks without the need for large custom produced canvasses.  Each area can be exploited to create multiple opportunities to deliver incremental value through targeted virtual true vision branding and advertising in multiple regional or international broadcast feeds that appear authentic in all light conditions.

The platform can be used to deliver simple single application solutions or as powerful combined packages of virtual assets.

What we offer...

In recent years rugby union, league and sevens fans of have become accustomed to seeing various promotional brands and partner messages painted on pitches from halfway to try lines around the world.  These high impact brand assets are specially designed to appear as optimised 2D or 3D images when viewed from one main TV cameras and are valued by local and global partners for the reinforcing brand visibility they offer – but because of this value in events like Sevens the number of coloured images can begin to surpass plain grass.

In turn, although offering some surreptitious recall when not optimised, these images can have a negative impact on brand value when colours or designs are damaged by poor weather and look skewed when seen in stadium or on other cameras. As the professional game continues to progress across all codes, grounds staff around the world are also becoming more protective of their playing surfaces and many are considering hybrid or artificial surfaces where physical paint is not an option.

Rugby fans love their game, they support their own teams in national and regional competitions, are patriotic to their countries in test series or world tournaments but also enjoy analysing the performances of the opposition teams broadcast in TV and in their clubs over a few cold drinks.

With the increase in globally distributed fans, and changes in the regulatory landscape around promotion of certain categories, why limit these placements to one domestic or generic global message?

The Supponor virtual advertising platform offers advanced virtual paint applications designed for rugby that dynamically adapt to conditions in real time to deliver perfectly keyed and authentic true vision team logos, sponsors, partner brands, scores and institutional messaging on the pitch, whether it be natural or artificial.

Virtual paint can be used to authentically replace physical paint, minimising the impact on game play and pitches, whilst creating incremental commercial value for rights owning rugby unions and world governing bodies.  Unlimited live broadcast feeds can be delivered on TV, OTT or social media channels offering global and new regional partners the ability to promote relevant and targeted activation messages to global fans in real time in their own language, complying with localised regulatory conditions.

For nearly a decade Supponor pioneered and is currently the market leader in delivering trusted and reliable virtual overlay of 250m of high impact TV visible LED perimeter boards in top tier football (soccer) leagues. The Supponor virtual LED overlay or replacement application has been deployed at over 300 live football (soccer) matches around the world and is currently the approved choice of La Liga and the Bundesliga.

Perimeter LED boards along the touchline in rugby have become commonplace in many international markets and in key domestic competitions, specifically those with overseas interest. Although, unlike in sports such as football (soccer), perimeter boards in some variants of rugby, specifically rugby union, generate less TV visible airtime due to focus being on close ups of rucks, mauls and scrums, during the more flowing periods of play, and in more open forms such as sevens and league, this can deliver some of the most high impact brand exposure during adrenaline filled fast-paced breakaways or when swan diving in at the corner for a match winning try.

Supponor virtual LED overlay can be used, alongside or independently of virtual paint, to incrementally increase the availability of this high value run of LED inventory, by creating an unlimited number of targeted feeds, each offering the ability to deliver relevant partner and brand messages to various audiences, from fans and commercial representatives physically in the local stadiums, to globally distributed an no less engaged fans on TV and OTT platforms.

In today’s world there is often the requirement for areas of the stadium to be left empty for health and safety, crowd control or TV production reasons. Instead of planning install large and time consuming physical barriers or canvasses, virtual stadium banners and seat kills can easily be positioned to cover these wasted areas, improving their appearance on screen whilst turning them into high value targeted areas for club, league or partner brand activations in broadcast.

The Supponor virtual advertising platform supports the widest range of applications for authentic and visually unnoticeable virtual replacement, overlay and virtual placement of TV visible signage. This advanced virtual enhancement is delivered in parallel and downstream of the host production, with no upstream impact on camera signals or production of the main domestic and international programmes.

Regular integration with multiple local and various production companies ensures the ability to support many modes of operation in all broadcast formats from standard definition (SD), through high-definition (HD) to ultra-high definition (UHD / 4K) and high dynamic range (HDR), both on site at stadiums and in fully remote (REMI) production centres. Advanced visual processing of incoming signals and graphics detection ensures the perfect layering of virtual assets into both clean programmes and dirty finished programmes – either individually or in multiple programmes simultaneously.