Having delivered over 300 live broadcast events, Supponor is established as the clear market leader in delivering proven and reliable virtual overlay of high impact TV visible LED perimeter boards in top tier football (soccer) leagues.

What we offer...

The Supponor virtual LED overlay or replacement application has been deployed at over 300 live football matches around the world and is currently the approved choice of La Liga and the Bundesliga. Supponor virtual LED overlays incrementally increased the availability of LED inventory, currently limited to a maximum of 90 minutes TV visible time, by creating an unlimited number of targeted feeds, each with differentiated messages to be delivered to various global TV and OTT audiences.

Commercial value aside, this experience has allowed Supponor to prove at scale the quality of its technology platform. Tracking and keying, are of course, fundamental to virtual LED overlay but any platform must consistently deliver near perfect overlay in the ever changing outdoor conditions that football is played in; both night and day, under floodlights, bright sun and shade, rain and fog. Supponor also appreciates the critical nature and high value of the master TV production, and has developed an extensive and more effective and non-impacting broadcast integration capabilities.

On the same core platform, Supponor offers a range of additional virtual placement applications such as virtual 3D carpets, virtual pitch paint, virtual ribbons and fully virtual perimeter boards, that create multiple opportunities to deliver incremental value through targeted virtual advertising. These can either be delivered as simple single application solutions or as powerful combined packages, both stand-alone or to complement the powerful virtual LED overlay.

The now popular physical 3D goal mats, sometimes referred to as cam carpets, can be created as virtual assets next to the goals. As a simple solution physical mats are very good, but they can be affected by weather, only display one static brand and have minimum space requirements to be visible, as well as having to adhere to conditions of play regulations. These can now be replaced and delivered as high impact, authentic and flexible virtual assets – delivering all the same virtual targeting opportunities as a virtual LED overlay.

At modern day football matches there is often the requirement for areas of the stadium to be left empty for health and safety, crowd control or TV production reasons. Instead of unsightly and time consuming physical canvasses, virtual stadium banners and seat kills can enable these wasted areas to become high value targeted areas for club, league or partner brand activations in broadcast.

Either as a second row of boards in an empty stadium area to complement a physical LED board system or as fully virtual perimeter board placed at the side of the pitch. At matches where the in stadium or domestic audience is limited, and therefore a high proportion of partner value is from TV visible promotion, Supponor can place virtual perimeter boards that can display ‘LED style’ content targeted for multiple regions without the need for anything physically in the stadium.

Use authentic virtual paint technology along the side line of the pitch or in front of the substitutes’ benches to deliver institutional messaging targeted to your fans and audiences around the world. Rather than having to promote your club using a single language, website or social media channel, make your fans feel valued by delivering relevant information to them in their language.

The Supponor virtual advertising platform supports the TV-only application of virtual placement and overlay (erase and replace) in parallel and downstream of the host production, with no upstream impact on camera signals or production of the main domestic and international programmes.

Regular integration with multiple local and various production companies ensures the ability to support many modes of operation in all broadcast formats from standard definition (SD), through high-definition (HD) to ultra-high definition (UHD / 4K) and high dynamic range (HDR), both on site at stadiums and in fully remote (REMI) production centres. Advanced visual processing of incoming signals and graphics detection ensures the perfect layering of virtual assets into both clean programmes and dirty finished programmes – either individually or in multiple programmes simultaneously.