With experience of approaching 500 live broadcast events and over a decade of pioneering innovation, Supponor is now established as the clear market leader in delivering trusted and reliable solutions that are dedicated to virtual advertising .  Having proven the virtual advertising platform in the challenging environment of outdoor top tier European football (soccer) and the high-paced indoor sports of Hockey and Basketball, Supponor has taken its virtual advertising platform onto the ball parks with applications developed specifically for baseball.

The Supponor core platform offers a range of virtual placement, overlay, paint and seat kill applications for baseball designed to support multiple areas in and around the ballparks delivered from one, two, three of more camera positions using just the TV images.

Flexible virtual placement and overlay or ‘erase and replace’ applications are perfect for augmenting backstop branding, batters eye, center field walls and TV visible landmarks; virtual paint ideal for applying brand or institutional messages to outfield, infield, pitcher’s mound and coaches box areas without damaging surfaces or impacting the game; and large virtual seat kills or stadium banners can be placed on the seating decks without the need for large custom produced canvasses.  Each area can be exploited to create multiple opportunities to deliver incremental value through targeted virtual true vision branding and advertising, authentic in all light conditions.

The platform can be used to deliver simple single application solutions or as powerful combined packages of virtual assets.

What we offer...

The use of virtual advertising in baseball is not new as leagues around the world have been using traditional green screen, chromakey technologies for many years.  The Supponor virtual backstop placement application can deliver this high value asset, from both deep centre field cameras (wide behind the pitcher and batter tight shot) using advanced TV only technologies that deliver unprecedented placement stability and keying quality in varying light conditions, looking beyond pure colour to support hand off ‘place and go’ automated optimisation. Supponor also offers the ability to deliver advanced intelligent virtual placement, overlaying the natural occurring scene rather than using special colours or surfaces, to deliver true virtual placement on key cameras without negatively impacting additional camera shots.

To date in baseball, unlike in other sports such as rugby and cricket, the vast areas of the perfectly manicured outfield and infield have yet to be exploited for promotional partner messages. Again, unlike these other sports baseball has the added challenge of having multiple surfaces and colours in the field of play from the lush green of the grass or artificial grass in the outfield and the dynamically changing brown of the diamond and pitcher’s mound. Supponor virtual advertising platform offers an advanced virtual paint application that dynamically adapts in real time to multiple colours, surfaces and conditions. Supponor virtual paint can deliver perfectly keyed and authentic true vision team logos, ballpark sponsors, partner brands, scores and institutional messaging to deliver incremental commercial value and engage directly with your global fans on TV, OTT or social media channels by delivering relevant information to them in their language in unlimited live feeds.

In today’s world there is often the requirement for areas of the ballpark to be left empty for health and safety, crowd control or TV production reasons. Additionally, the nature of coverage of baseball and open ballpark architecture can sometimes mean that unsightly physical landmarks or non-partner brands are shown on TV. Instead of planning install large and time consuming physical barriers or canvasses, virtual stadium banners and seat kills can easily be positions to cover undesirable areas and turn them into high value targeted areas for club, league or partner brand activations in broadcast.

The Supponor virtual advertising platform supports the TV only application of virtual placement and overlay (erase and replace) in parallel and downstream of the host production, with no upstream impact on camera signals or production of the main domestic and international programmes.

Regular integration with multiple local and various production companies ensures the ability to support many modes of operation in all broadcast formats from standard definition (SD), through high-definition (HD) to ultra-high definition (UHD / 4K) and high dynamic range (HDR), both on site at stadiums and in fully remote (REMI) production centres. Advanced visual processing of incoming signals and graphics detection ensures the perfect layering of virtual assets into both clean programmes and dirty finished programmes – either individually or in multiple programmes simultaneously.