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Exponentially increasing the value of sports broadcast whilst enhancing global fan engagement


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The high value world of live Sports & Entertainment

In an ever evolving world, where on-demand, instant gratification and binge viewing of content prevails, sport and sports entertainment continues to deliver some of the most valuable, impactful and emotive live televised events. A quick scan of the worlds most viewed television events shows that in recent times nearly all the most watched events are live sport.

Week-in week-out live coverage of the top sports, leagues in the world gain huge global television audiences, some in the hundreds of millions if not billions, and access to live broadcast of these gladiatorial events develops armies of excited, enthused and extremely engaged fans who want to be part of the action, who live and breathe their sports, are committed to their teams and want to be their favourite stars.

Available across all sports & entertainment

Increase your financial value whilst increasing emotional engagement with a global fan base

Access to this powerful content generates vast sums of money for rights owners, through broadcaster investment in broadcast rights, both in domestic markets and in ever more expanding global territories. If you add to this the continued growth in the introduction of online video platforms; owned by the broadcasters, emergent specialist aggregators and by the rights owners themselves, sports rights owners have access to and can engage with fans in more markets than ever before.

The application of Supponor virtual technologies allows for physically visible content, displayed in stadium, and new incremental fully virtual assets to augmented or created in real-time as part of a live TV broadcast, to deliver regionally or demographically targeted messages more relevant to the viewing audiences. Virtually enabled content in targeted feeds can open up opportunities for rights owners to better engage with their fans, global brand and sponsorship partners to more specifically target their activations and new partners to be engaged in specific regional markets and develops new opportunities to for broadcasters to enhance the value of their rights investments through specific broadcast insertions and local ad sales.