Virtual Perimeter Overlay

Using a powerful combination of hardware and software to enable flawless virtual overlay on the in-venue perimeter signage

What is Virtual Perimeter Overlay

AIR® is a fully software-based end-to-end platform, using cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and computer vision to deploy virtual advertising on any surface, in any sport and in any weather condition.

Replacing real world objects with virtual alternatives in real-time, that are both highly accurate and sympathetic to the surrounding environment, is the key to virtual replacement that looks real and does not distract from the game itself. How this is achieved depends on the characteristics of the real-world object that is being replaced.

Animated LED Boards

LED boards with increasingly high resolutions are standard features at top tier sports venues today and continuously being extended to more clubs, venues, and federations. The artwork and animations used on these boards have also become bolder and more dynamic over time, which has allowed for more impactful messaging for brands and sponsors to reach fans and audiences.

Replacing those high fidelity, highly dynamic images in real-time is the ultimate test of any virtual replacement system. This has been refined over the course of many years by Supponor, making it the only approved supplier of virtual replacement in several of the highest profile sporting leagues in the world.

Static Boards

While LED boards present very specific and challenging targets for virtual replacement, any real-world object in a sports stadium or arena can potentially be replaced. The challenges depend largely how identifiable the object is in the wider scene of the video frame, and whether the object will be occluded. Occlusion happens when players and other objects such as fans, officials, and balls move in front of the object to be replaced. Supponor’s system can provide virtual replacement of a wide range of such objects using a variety of technical methods.