What do we do?

A deep dive into the world of Supponor Virtual Advertsing solutions


Premium, reliable and proven Virtual Advertising solutions in Supponor the world of Sports & Entertainment

Supponor’s award winning products allow customers to increase the value and audience experience of live sporting events by replacing physical real-world objects, such as LED signage, with alternate visuals that are accurately placed and, moreover, simulate the real-world conditions such as sun and shade. In addition to such ‘virtual replacement’, Supponor’s technology is also capable of placing realistic looking objects in and around the sports venue to create additional opportunities to deliver targeted messages and branding. All of this is done in real-time as part of the live TV broadcast.

Supponor is devoted to providing very high quality and visually authentic virtual placement and replacement in a manner that flawlessly blends into the event, while minimising impact on the TV production. Those principles are deeply embedded into the products, platform architecture, integration models and operating practices Supponor provides.

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Our Technology

A high-level Overview of Supponor Proprietary Technology

Supponor uses a range of different technologies across the platform, from the real-time components that identify, track and safely render augmented reality graphics on live video frames to the backend systems that provide event and content management alongside rich analytics and reporting.

Depending on the use case, these include precision optical systems that are designed in partnership with Zeiss, real-time computer vision subsystems that combine state-of-the-art classical algorithms with machine learning and other AI approaches, sophisticated real-time rendering and highly scalable cloud based management and reporting components.

Technology capabilities

A wide variety of applications, enabled by Supponor’s technology solutions

The Supponor platform can be used in a wide variety of sporting franchises, both indoor and outdoor arenas and stadiums, and provide both replacement of real-world artefacts such as digital signage and billboards or place realistic artefacts in areas where none exist, such as virtual carpets on grass or virtual digital signage in and around venues.

Virtual  Placements

Through Supponor’s cutting edge virtual placement technology, non-existing advertising spaces are enabled for the TV broadcast coverage of a sporting event, without the need for surfaces and cameras to be modified, or for physical advertising to exist. This is a pure TV-only solution.

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Virtual Perimeter Overlay

Supponor’s proprietary and award winning technology uses non-visible light signals to highly accurately overlay LED or static perimeter boards with virtual, dynamic messaging within live TV broadcasts, allowing for rights holders to engage with local audiences in a targeted and personalized manner.

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Consistent, reliable and authentic in all conditions

  • Extreme weather and stadium environment (changing light, sun and shade, rain, snow, lens flares)
  • Active multizonal light and illumination simulation
  • Multiple camera integration
  • Real world camera ops (fast panning and tight zooms)
  • Fine object masking (goal nets, corner flags, hockey sticks)
  • Low latency, flexible broadcast integration models
  • Supporting evolving broadcast environments (UHD/4K, HDR)
  • Instantaneous fail-safe bypass, ensuring integrity of broadcast feed